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  The VegiCaseTM Display Showcase
Flexible Casing
Coctail With Color Profile
Turkey Sausage
Banana Cooked & Uncooked Sausage
Petfood Sausage Snacks
Sausage Color Profiles
Cooked Cheese Sausage
Cooked Fish Balls & Sausage Strips
Curves When Cooked
Straight or curved, as you wish.
Just after setup
Meat Balls
Cheese Cocktail Sausage
Retail Tray Package
Sausage Lengths Once Cooked
Potato & Bell Pepper Sausage

The Revolutionary liquid vegetable sausage casing system. Watch & Learn how the all new VegiCase System™ will improve your business and save you money.
  Straight or curved, as you wish.

Description: Sausage are the same size, fresh or cooked


Cocktail Length Sausages  Shrimp Sausages   Pan Fried Sausages